The knot in my halter came undone! How do I retie it?

Uh-oh! After a winter in the tack box has the knot in your halter come undone? Following are a few quick and easy steps to re-tighten the knot. See below for images.

  1. Position the halter so the knot is facing you and locate the two pieces of rope that are stitched together.
  2. Neaten the knot with the stitched pieces in the center.
  3. Push the two stitched pieces up through the center of the knot.
  4. (and 5) Grab these from the top and pull through.
  5. (see below for image examples)
  6. As you tighten your knot make sure the stitches are at the top center of the loop.
  7. (not pictured) to set the knot place the loop on something sturdy and give the other end of the halter a few firm tugs.


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