How do I install a popper on my carrot stick?

This is the process manufacturing is using to install carrot stick poppers:

  1. Push tool into popper end to open it up
  2. Push popper on to end of carrot stick shaft
  3. Wrap stick just below base of popper (over two leather tabs) with 4” piece of strong adhesive tape
  4. Drill hole through tape and stick shaft
  5. Use leather awl to thread piece of waxed thread through hole twice, then tie and cut off loose ends
  6. Use 5’ length of waxed thread to wrap around tape and base of popper, tie off thread to secure, and trim off loose end
  7. Apply regular clear PVC cement to waxed thread and allow to dry

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. When replacing a leather popper, the customer would first need to remove the original popper and clean any tape or adhesive off the stick end before installing the new popper.
  2. We do not recommend drilling a new hole in the shaft as multiple holes would weaken the shaft.
  3. The tape used does not need to be double sided, it just needs to be about 1” wide and have strong adhesive.
  4. The PVC cement Parelli uses comes from the plumbing supply section of our local hardware store.
  5. Waxed thread can be purchased at Tandy Leather.
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